"Who Else Wants to Take Amazing Photographs of Their Kids This Halloween?"

I don't want YOU to repeat my Halloween photography mistakes. Below I'll tell you about the simple secrets of a world class child photographer and how you can easily use them to take fabulous Halloween pictures of your children this year -- photos you'll cherish for a lifetime...

From: Andrea, Claire and Quinn's mom
October 24, 2008 - 11:14am

Let's face it. Last year's Halloween pictures left a LOT to be desired. I spent a great deal of time -- and money -- picking out costumes for Claire (a princess, of course) and Quinn (Optimus Prime) and getting everything to look just right.

And the kids looked so adorable in their costumes! I never wanted to forget the moment.

Then the Trick or Treating started. I did my best to take good pictures of my children, and I thought I knew what I was doing.

So when I got back home, I couldn't wait to see the results. But when I took a look at the photos I had captured...

My Heart Sank

My pictures came out dark and grainy, and the red eye (i.e. when the subject's eyeballs look red) was just awful. The kids were so excited and moving so quickly that many of the best shots came out all blurry.

This was especially disappointing, because Halloween is a very big deal for our family. My kids really look forward to it. This year Quinn knew he wanted to be a ninja by the first week of September, and Claire had decided on her pink poodle costume last winter!

I always try to capture their excitement and enthusiasm in my photos and it just never works out. Every year I take hundreds of pictures. But in the seven Halloweens since we've had children, I can count the number of good Halloween pictures on one hand -- and I don't have even ONE good shot from last year. It's so disappointing and frustrating.

I do still have last year's pictures in my one of my albums somewhere, but I must say that I wish I had learned more about how to take better Halloween pictures. I can't do it over. Those pictures are forever.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so...

I Want You to Know That You're Not Alone...

You see, 97% of parents will be totally disappointed with the Halloween pictures they take of their kids this year.

That's very sad, but not surprising. Halloween is a photography nightmare. The lighting is awful (or nonexistent). The kids are hyper, and the last thing they want to do is stand still for picture taking. Plus, a million things are happening at once, and it's hard to focus with so much chaos.

If you're feel completely frustrated and overwhelmed - as if capturing the mood and your precious Halloween memories is almost impossible - it's certainly no wonder.

Fortunately, THIS Halloween can be different.

Here's why: Dr. Audri Lanford, who I work for, hosts a very popular podcast called "7 Photography Questions. Each week she interviews a world class photographer, and not too long ago, she interviewed master child photographer Vik Orenstein.

After hearing me complain about last year's Halloween photos, Audri decided to do a special interview with Vik Orenstein that's exclusively about photographing kids at Halloween.

Now, Vik has been a professional child photographer since 1988, and she owns and operates KidCapers portraits, a nationally recognized photography studio specializing in hand-colored child portraits. She has shot for Nikon and Pentax, as well as clients as Microsoft, 3M, and Hormel. She makes frequent television and radio appearances to give advice on how to make great portraits of kids.

Vik is also the author of two books, including the classic Creative Techniques for Photographing Children (second edition).

We were able to arrange for Vik to sit down with Audri for an interview where she shared her personal tricks, tactics and secrets for spectacular Halloween children's photos. Naturally, we recorded this call.

When the interview was done and I listened to the recording, I was so excited. And I discovered...

Halloween May Be Scary, But Taking Great Halloween Pictures Doesn't Have To Be!

Vik started out by revealing the easiest ways to get great Halloween pictures (even for people who have never done it before!), the biggest mistakes people make and the cures and fixes for each of these mistakes, and the "must have" Halloween pictures you definitely want to capture.

Vik then shared a tactic that's so simple, yet it gets kids to stand or sit still like clockwork -- even while they're trick or treating or at a Halloween party! (I was pretty amazed.)

And I got even more excited when she revealed a surprisingly simple technique for solving some of the lighting issue we all face on Halloween.

The ideas just kept coming. So now I know that this Halloween, I'll be ready.

In fact, I've already taken my all time Halloween photo of Claire (and Halloween is still a week away!) -- it even has spooky lighting. I'm looking at it right now, because it's my computer wallpaper.

And I can't wait to start putting together my Halloween photo album to share with my family and friends. This year, they're going to be blown away...

Anyway, after the interview with Vik was over, I realized that it's actually easy to become an excellent Halloween photographer. Surprisingly easy.

This eye opening interview became what we call...

Halloween Photography Secrets

We want you to have access to this product right now so you'll be ready to take dazzling Halloween pictures this year.

That's why we've placed the interview on our website so you can download it right NOW no matter where you are. You'll discover secrets like:

  • An easy, systematic approach to eliminating blur from your pictures so your Halloween photos come out sharp and interesting.

  • How to get perfect lighting for your pictures no matter how bad the lighting is in the room (I never would have thought of this one in a million years!)

  • A game you can play with your kids that they'll love and will result in your best pictures yet!

  • A simple way to keep your kids still for the pictures, so they're actually happy about being photographed!

  • Why you get red eye in your pictures and how to prevent it from ever happening again... so you don't needlessly ruin your best photos.

  • How to capture the thrill of the moment by simply changing one aspect of your attitude (even professional child photographers often get this wrong!)

  • The twelve shots every Halloween photo album "must have" -- you don't want to miss even one of these!

  • The single biggest Halloween party photography mistake, plus an easy, fascinating solution you've never considered.

  • The secret to taking award winning pictures of your jack-o-lantern.

  • And much, much more!

But That's Not All...

Since this is our first photography product, we decided to go "all out" and add some special bonuses:

Bonus #1:"Quick Start Guide: The Busy Parent's Guide to Taking Amazing Halloween Photographs." This downloadable guide (in simple pdf format) lets you get started right away. Even if you don't have time to listen to the interview right now, you can start using Vik's breakthrough techniques for taking your Halloween pictures to the next level immediately.



Bonus #2: "Halloween Photography Secrets Bonus: Vik Orenstein Discusses Her Own Halloween Photographs." A short bonus interview with Vik Orenstein where we get to hear Vik tell the stories behind -- and describe in detail -- several of her own Halloween Photographs!




Bonus #3: Transcript for Halloween Photography Secrets. A downloadable, professional transcript of the Halloween Photography Secrets interview so you can quickly and easily find the exact tip you are looking for, any time.




Bonus #4: Transcript for Halloween Photography Secrets Bonus. The downloadable transcript of the Halloween Photography Secrets Bonus interview (Bonus #2), which includes all of Vik's photographs for easy reference.




I've Saved the Best for Last...

Bonus #5: 51 Tips, Tricks & Techniques to Get Your Kids to LOVE Being Photographed. I couldn't believe when Audri told me we'd be giving this away as part of this offer! You see, this downloadable report will be a separate product we're planning to start selling in November.

In this report, you'll find out...

  • 7 techniques for getting even the fussiest child to smile for the camera - for real!

  • What Boy Scouts know that YOU need to learn in order to ensure you children don't get upset while pictures are being taken.

  • The 3 rules for photographing teenagers that will ensure they happily participate - works with both shy and rebellious teens.

  • The one thing you should NEVER ask your children to DO when taking their photos - make this request and you nearly GUARANTEE disaster.

  • The "bird watchers" trick for capturing spontaneous photos of your children - while they are at their best.

  • 3 Games to play with children that will get them to happily COOPERATE WITH YOU while having their pictures taken.

  • And much, much more -- all designed to help you take MUCH better photos of your kids...

This report is currently not available at any price, but you'll get it as a free bonus when you order Halloween Photography Secrets... but only this week.

Extra Added Bonus...

Extra Bonus: "A Step-By-Step Guide for Photographing Your Jack O'Lantern."


In this easy-to-follow guide, we provide you with step-by-step instructions for photographing your pumpkin this Halloween (as well as tips on what NOT to do to get great images of that grinning jack-o-lantern).




SOLD OUT: Bonus #6...

Bonus #6: For the First 25 People Who Order ONLY - Personal Feedback of a Halloween Photo From Vik Orenstein.

Predictably, this bonus for personal feedback from Vik Orenstein for the first 25 people to order sold out quickly. So if you haven't jumped on board yet, well... you missed this one. Sorry about that...

HOWEVER, you do get the other five fabulous bonuses described above. But this offer is only for a limited time -- when the Great Pumpkin disappears so will Halloween Photography Secrets.

In summary, Halloween Photography Secrets includes absolutely everything you'll need, including step-by-step, easy to follow instructions, to take amazing Halloween photographs of your kids this year!

But Don't Take My Word For It...

We gave a "sneak peek" to a handful of people so we could get some initial feedback on Halloween Photography Secrets before we launched. Here's what people just like you had to say:

"What a wonderful interview. For years I've been hopelessly frustrated with my family's Halloween pictures. From kids who don't want to cooperate to a camera that seems to do everything but what I want, I'd learned to dread the entire picture-taking process.

"This interview was a lifesaver. Now I can capture my family's Halloween memories in wonderful photographs without pulling my hair out in the process. Thank you so much. I'll be putting these tips to use for other holidays too!"

- Jamie Dale, Milwaukee WI


"What a sigh of relief, with the hectic days before Halloween approaching fast, this information was just what I needed. This year I'm not going to fight with my toddler to get him to take a good picture.

"I've already used Vik's advice and brought out the stickers, and played one of the games she suggested. And it WORKS, no more mugshot pictures of my son. I have to say as a father with little to no camera experience, these tips and tricks make taking Halloween Pictures a breeze!!!"

- Sammy Cain, Fayetteville, NC


"My daughter convinced me to get this product. I guess she wants me to start taking better pictures of my beautiful grandkids. I'm happy she did. This is such easy advice to follow, and from a 69-year-old gramma that's saying something.

"Very useful, very practical and not just for Halloween either. I'm looking forward to practicing during all of the upcoming holidays."

- Pat Gordon, Ludington, Michigan


"I was very skeptical when I heard about Halloween Photography Secrets because I've been so disappointed with promises for great results from others in the past.

"However, Vik breaks the whole scary process down into 8 simple steps that I can't wait to put to use. Once you see it laid out, it becomes so obvious how you can avoid making all the silly little mistakes that completely wreck your photos. With these simple tips, I'm sure I'll have my best Halloween pics ever!"

- Caryn from Lethbridge, Alberta


"Halloween Photography Secrets are definitely well-kept secrets! I have never heard of some of these ideas and tricks!

"As the designated photographer for all things in the family and trying to figure out a new camera ... my Halloween pictures are going to be awesome this year!

"The Best part about these tips are they are easy to apply without the purchase of expensive equipment and accessories! Every day tips for the anytime photographer! Great, Great Great! Thanks Vik!"

- Bob Bennett, Grayslake, IL

"OK, So How Much Is It?"

If you were to take an online class with a master photographer like Vik Orenstein (which we highly recommend, by the way), you'd pay around $200 to $400.

However, Halloween Photography Secrets won't cost you anywhere near that -- even with all the bonuses.

The regular price will be $29.97. We could easily have charged more, but we wanted to make it affordable.

Even Better Value: Now, during our first photography product launch, you may order Halloween Photography Secrets (including the bonuses) for the Special Introductory Price of only $19.97!

This Special expires after Halloween, and then the product comes off the market. So invest in Halloween Photography Secrets now at the sale price of only $19.97.

And you can order with confidence because this product is backed by our ...

Rock-Solid, No-Questions, No-Quibble, Better Than 100% Money Back Guarantee

You'll Take Great Halloween Photographs of Your Kids, or We'll Send Your Money Back!

We're so confident that your Halloween pictures will be so much better this year thanks to Halloween Photography Secrets that we've taken all the risk off your shoulders and on to our own.

If for any reason (or no reason), you decide this information isn't right for you, just email us at any time within 90 days, and we'll rush you an immediate refund, no questions asked. Plus we'll insist you keep all our bonus gifts just for giving Halloween Photography Secrets a try.

What could be more fair than that?

So there's nothing to lose -- and some very special memories to gain.

What to Do Next...

Here's How To Order... It's Easy!

To claim your copy of Halloween Photography Secrets right now, simply have your credit card ready and click on the happy orange "Add to Cart" button below.

You will be taken instantly to our 100% secure online order form. Fill out the short form and in just a couple of short minutes, your copy of Halloween Photography Secrets will be available for you to download onto your computer.

When you receive it, be sure to check out the "Quick Start Guide" first to get the most out of Halloween Photography Secrets. It will help you get going quickly, and guide you through everything.

Your free bonuses will also be included on your same download page. So click the orange "Add to Cart" button below to get started now.

To your Halloween photography success,


P.S. As I mentioned, 97% of parents will be SO disappointed with their Halloween photographs this year. You don't have to be one of them! If you pass on this offer, you'll kick yourself later. I know from personal experience. So simply click on the orange "Add to Cart" button now, and you're one simple step away from taking amazing Halloween photographs of your kids this year.

P.P.S. Remember, Halloween Photography Secrets is the only program available by a master photographer for taking exceptional Halloween photographs of your kids -- and it's available for the Special Introductory price of only $19.97. What's more, it's 100% guaranteed: you'll take great Halloween photographs of your kids, or we'll refund your money! Claim your copy of Halloween Photography Secrets now before this Introductory Special offer is gone.

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